Thursday, January 5, 2012

My favorite time of year is just around the corner, Wedding Season! The months leading up to Wedding Season are full of planning and can be a bit stressful. Take a little stress out of the equation with my helpful wedding tips! I will posting a Weekly Wedding Tip, tips will cover everything from favors to venues.

We will start Weekly Wedding Tips with shoes!
Shoes are a great way to show some personality off and can make your dress go from beautiful to breathtaking but as most women know, shoes can cost some big bucks! So how do you get stunning, one of a kind, shoes with out giving up an arm and a leg? Easy, buy simple shoes and add something to them! I bought a pair of red pumps from target for 30$, they were cute but nothing memorable. To fix that, I bought two pink organza flower hair clips on line, they were 3$ a piece and just clipped them to the tops of my shoes taking my heals from cute to gorgeous!
You can see the shoes and flower in the photos above. But flowers aren't the only thing you can do, feathers are in style and can really make a pair of shoes shine. You can get a pair of dark purple pumps and hot glue gun peacock feathers on them! The possibilities are endless for what you can do and its not some big project! It will take you longer to go out and find the same kind of shoes then it would be to do it your self!

 I hope you all enjoyed the tip I had for you today and keep tuning in to see all the tips I have!

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