Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Cairo's Cake Smash Session | Vancouver, WA Baby Photographer

First birthdays are a big deal. They are such an awesome milestone not only for your baby but for you! Your family made it through the first year, you made it through birth, through all of the changes and so much growth. First birthdays aren't just a celebration of the day your child was born but they are a celebration of your family and your strength. 
One really fun way to commemorate your little one's first birthday is with a cake smash session! Your baby is left with just a cake in front of them, it will peak their curiosity and force them to explore just like 1 year olds like to do. It's a great way to capture your little one candidly and chances are you will see the whole gamut of emotions through the session.
Here are some of my favorites from Cairo's cake smash sessions. 
When you try to use the straw but no cake comes out! 😂
Sometimes you just need to eat cake off your toes
I'm happy, I'm super happy! Ok, get this cake off of me now!

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