Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Our First Year of Marriage | Vancouver, WA Photographer

Earlier this month my husband and I celebrated our first year of marriage. Having reached this milestone has me reflecting on our life so far as Mr. And Mrs. Year one was equal parts crazy, difficult and amazing. We experienced every hurdle imaginable. A cancer scare each, fear over the health of our son during my already difficult pregnancy, becoming parents, having a newborn while my husband was working graveyards, a move, a job loss, financial burden. What some couples only experience in a lifetime we went through all in the span of a year. I look back at this past year and I can't help but be so proud of us. Every challenge brought us closer together, taught us how to be better communicators, gave us new ways to cope and taught us how to love each other even more deeply. We grew stronger as a couple and grew stronger as individuals. Despite all of what life had to  throw at us, we never let it rattle us. Even through all of the hardships, we have shared so many laughs, had so many adventures and had so many wonderful moments. I am even more certain now than I have ever been before that I have found my perfect match. The ying to my yang. We are not perfect but our love is unflappable, genuine and deep. I couldn't ask for a better partner by my side or better father for my son. Thank you sweetheart for being your awesome self and for making our first year such a memorable one.

Please enjoy a look into the first year of our marriage!

Our Wedding Day

 Us being our goofy selves on our honeymoon in Hawaii
And getting some family time in while we were on the big island

A fun little trip to Seattle to celebrate finding out Kainoa didn't have cancer

Our fantastic maternity photos

 Kainoa being the best support in the world through the birth of our first son

 Parker's first photo shoot

Getting some family time in at Kainoa's parents vow renewal

Our first family camping/Oregon coast trip (yes, Parker is wearing socks as gloves and we forgot to bring pillows so we had to buy some cheap ones on the way and rock them without pillow cases 😂)

Some of daddy and bub, it's crazy how much he has changed and grown in such a short time

Terrible cell phone photo of us in the movie theater on our anniversary date

Special thanks to Irina Negrean Photography for the amazing wedding photos
Valentia Productions for the phenomenal maternity photos
and Gray Feather Photography for capturing our biggest moments all year, the birth and first photos of our son

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Your Photos Aren't Just For You... | Vancouver, WA Maternity, Newborn and Family Photographer

Let's face it, not every accept of getting photos taken is fun. It takes work, you not only have to get yourself ready but you have to get all of the members of your family ready too. You have to coordinate outfits and schedules and make sure all of your ducks are in a row. When life gets busy, it can be easy to just say we will get our photos done next month, next season or at the next milestone. It can be easy to put them off but chances are you will regret it, if not for you, for your children.

Studies show that kids who grow up with photos of themselves feel more grounded and loved. Your photos aren't just for you, they are an amazing gift to your children and all of the generations that come from them. How special will it be for your child to be able to look back at these photos when they are grown? They can feel connected to that moment in your life when you were still growing them inside of you. They will be able to feel the excitement and love you had for them even before you laid eyes on them. They can see a part of their own lives they can't remember, when they were so tiny and new. They can see themselves discovering new things in the world and celebrating big milestones. And even better than that, they can share these photos with their own children and build a stronger connection with them. Your photos are more than just snapshots of time, they are a legacy that allows you and your loved ones to reconnect and relive the special moments.

Your pregnancy is such a short time in your life compared to the lifetime you will spend with your child. Your baby will only be so small once and your children will grow up faster than you can ever imagine. Don't let these moments slip by, capture them now and have beautiful art that can be cherish for years to come by you and your children.

Enjoy photos from this sweet spring maternity session at Lewisville Park in Battle Ground,Washington. We had to reschedule this session twice due to rain but when we finally had it we totally lucked out with perfect spring weather and a beautiful golden sunset!